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The Bariatric Jumpstart Program

Are you within your 1st 12-18 months post-op?

Get the help and support you need to make this journey a successful one! The Bariatric Jumpstart Nutrition Coaching Program is specifically designed to set you up for success in your first 12-18 months post-op.   The program was created by bariatric nutrition expert, Dana White, who has 15+ years of experience as the lead dietitian for a team of bariatric surgeons in a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence. This dynamic coaching program will help you take advantage of this unique moment in your life.  We will optimize your nutrition so you can maximize your weight loss and start to build habits for long-term success.  

Expert Bariatric Nutrition Support 

Dana will guide you each step of the way and will help you to create a clear plan to meet your individual protein, fluid, and nutrition goals.  There is no cookie-cutter advice or one-size-fits-all approach.  All recommendations are specifically tailored to you

Bariatric Jumpstart Program Details 

One-on-One Video Visit

We always start with a one-one-one video visit to create a customized nutrition plan and meal plan for your specific stage and to meet your individual goals.  You'll receive a list of nutrition goals and a PDF file with a personalized meal plan that you can follow to start.  Eventually, you'll be making food choices without looking at a piece of paper, but this initial plan helps to give you a starting point to meeting these important goals. 

Weekly Coaching Sessions 

We will then reinforce that initial support with a weekly group coaching call.  Dana always provides an educational and information presentation, then you can ask questions, get recommendations and help, and connect with a community of other women with similar goals - every single week!  We are close and in touch with options to elect for more support as needed. 

Bariatric Nutrition Video Library 

Deepen your knowledge and work through the Bariatric Nutrition Educational Library that contains 60+ training videos on all of the bariatric nutrition topics that you need to know in your 1st 12-18 months post-op.  Follow along and take notes in the corresponding Bariatric Workbook.  

Dive into the Bariatric Resources! 

  • Meal plans, food lists, and training videos on all of the texture phases (liquid, pureed, soft diet and transitioning to solid foods)

  • Meal ideas for breakfast, lunch/dinner, and snacks

  • Bariatric protein list, fiber list, and common labs list 

  • Recipes and handouts 

Private Facebook Group 

There is also an active, private Facebook group for community and support.  Get recipes, meal ideas, ask questions, set goals, and share wins.  Immerse yourself in a bariatric community that understands and provides helpful feedback, lifts you up, and celebrates your wins! 

We've Got This!

The Bariatric Jumpstart program is designed to provide you the help and support you need in this first 12-18 months post-op.  You don't have to guess or navigate this journey alone.  Feel confident in your eating plan and nutrition goals so you can set yourself up for success in this first year and beyond - all while having fun along the way.  This work starts now.  I can't wait to help you get started. 

There are 3 different levels of support within the Bariatric Jumpstart Nutrition Coaching Program to meet your needs. Fill out an application (click on the "Work with me" link below) and I will send you all of the details of the program.  Can't wait to meet you! 


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