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Dana White Bariatric Surgery

Client Success Stories

I feel so honored to have worked with some of these amazing individuals.  They have demonstrated strength, resilience, and heart. 

I would be honored to have the opportunity to work with you too!

What Clients Are Saying

I started working with Dana around 5 months post-op. I was looking for support specific to me. Dana was everything I needed to be successful on my bariatric journey. She was always there to encourage, and offer suggestions, but most importantly a sound ear to help me navigate my first-year post-op. I attribute much of my success to her knowledge and leadership. Forever grateful to her!


Laura Flusche | @fluscheeitaway

Private Coaching and Jumpstart Participant

I absolutely loved working with Dana in her Jumpstart program. We not only received incredibly valuable information but also one-on-one support from Dana herself. It was so beneficial to me and my bariatric journey. I am so grateful for Dana and her program.

Sara Kadlec | @thebetteredblondie

Jumpstart Participant

"Dana is a true professional in her field, but what you don’t expect is the fact that you come away from the first session knowing you have gained a new friend, a coach, and someone who really does care for her clients & friends she mentors. 

Dana's communication is excellent by various means and is truly available to her clients. She tailors programs and ideas to each individual. This is not a one-size-fits-all program that she has developed. It's 100% worth the financial resource! Consider it another solid investment in yourself. The results with Dana even after one month are refreshing and placed excitement back into the areas I needed guidance and accountability. One of the best things I have done for me at 66 years of age!"

- Steve

"I am able to meet my protein goals as a result of working with Dana. I’m happy that my energy has greatly improved."

- Gina

"Dana has walked me through every step of the bariatric process and helped me to feel comfortable and strong and in control. Dana has helped me balance my blood sugar due to PCOS which in turn has helped with cravings and weight loss! I looked forward to our conversations as she was a huge motivator and cheerleader!!

Dana has been an integral part of my bariatric journey! I didn’t feel that my surgery center offered enough guidance, especially during those first few months post-surgery when your body is healing and rapidly changing. She was able to help guide me and I had no post-surgery food complications and a very smooth recovery overall! She answered all my questions thoroughly! She really catered the calls to what my goals were and what I wanted to discuss that week!"

- Megan

"The best experience of my life! From the beginning, Dana put me at ease and is SO positive even when I’m feeling like a failure in this new direction in my life. She is so kind and goes way beyond the call of duty!

I would 1,000 percent recommend working with Dana to others!!! A million times over, she has changed my life! Dana was the answer to my prayers in finding the right foods for me because I just felt alone after my surgery and didn’t know who to turn to, I was so discouraged. I saw her on Instagram and after watching some of her videos I knew she was the one who could help me on this journey."

- Debbie

"Yes! I’m so glad I found this program and you - it’s making a huge difference. I feel like I actually have resources to figure out my journey instead of just guessing."

- Cagney

"I love the program, it is so so helpful and packed with great information. I love that I can refer back to it when I need it."

- S.K.

"This program has helped me stay on track and not lose focus on my goals and my WHY, also learning so much about these topics I feel better geared to find success."

- Gaby

"I loved it all! Best decision I made for me."

- Melissa

"So helpful. All the tips and tricks and guidance make me feel understood and not alone on this journey."

- Jessica

"It's helped me not feel like I'm alone in this journey or crazy for doing this and a combo of leaning on your expertise and the group with the other women has been great."

- Jessica

"I love how you check on us and give us some personalized help along with these lessons."

- Tina

"Yes!! 100% - Your presentations are so wonderful and chock full of good info! I leave every time with a good takeaway and am looking forward to future weeks!!!"

- Megan

"I love how you deliver the material. I am learning a lot."

- Z.A.

"I am so grateful that I found you and your program. It has really helped me in so many ways."

- Stephanie

"This program has been so helpful. Happy to have found you and feel prepared for the surgery and new lifestyle. I would not be as relaxed and ready if I had just read through the manual given to me by my surgeon’s practice group."

- Kim

"I'm so grateful for this program! Every week, I learn something useful and helpful! The topics are so on point for my post-surgery journey. I tell my husband every week how grateful I am that I stumbled across this right before surgery. My clinic is good and they provide us with resources, I'm in online support groups and I have friends that have had weight loss surgery. All of those things have been so helpful, but this program is a game-changer for me. I'm so aware that I'd still be so lost without this! Thank you!"

- Dana

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